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Badging Service

Badges can range from the simplest paper insert in a plastic holder to an elaborate engraved metal badge. Whatever is suitable for your event can be provided by our badging service.

Badge being shownTypically we will use the delegate’s initial registration as the basis for the badge name but will also have included a field so that can enter “name as it should appear on the badge” so that Robert will be shown as Bob if that’s what he prefers and Nicola will be Nic if that’s her preference.

The style of badge will depend on the event and the budget but common today are the plastic badges on lanyards which can also include details of the workshops to which the delegate has signed up to. The badges can also be colour-coded to distinguish between, say, buyers and exhibitors; VIPs can also have their own colour system.

As a security feature, photographs can be an intrinsic part of the badge and barcodes can also be added to allow delegate tracking or even to prevent entry into non-authorised areas.