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Indoor Team Activities

Bridge builders winning contest
Indoor Team Activities don’t always have to take place outside. For a variety of reasons you may want to run an indoor team activity.

Indoor teamworkThese can be equally creative and involve your teams in such challenges as making a structure using nothing more than standard office equipment which will be strong enough to support an object from one part of the training room to another. It could also involve your group in designing and creating a vehicle which can power itself over a distance.

Similarly, outdoor activities which require the transporting of water are probably unsuitable in the meeting room, however, simply substitute the water with marbles and the activity again becomes an option.

Cerebral activities are often more challenging better indoors. Get your team working out how they can manoeuvre the person standing at the back of a line to the front with only moves allowed in draughts will test the most mathematical of minds.

ndoor Team ActivitiesAnother favourite is to get teams working together is to involve the whole group in producing a giant picture with each team responsible for a small part of it.

Unless they learn to communicate well right from the start the outcome will never compete with the Sistine Chapel roof!

And whilst all these ideas, and many, many more, are great fun, they, of course, have serious messages regarding communication, listening, co-operation, understand others’ points of view and working towards joint objectives, all of which can be transferred into the workplace.

Indoor Team Activities are a great way to invest in the well being of your staff, bringing real benefits to all aspects of your office culture and productivity.