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Outdoor Team Activities

Outdoor team building team celebrates
Outdoor Team Activities are manifold...

Outdoor Team ActivitiesThey can range from problem solving activities such as constructing a structure to transfer water from one place to another, through moving a barrel of “toxic” waste to a safe location without touching it to the simple, yet highly amusing, concept of getting human “sheep” into a pen using only a whistle as a means of communication.

Or you might fancy a day on the water with raft building, white-water rafting, dragon boat racing or even crewing a 72ft ocean-going yacht.

uad bike trailsFor more exhilarating experiences you might want to involve your team in motorised activities such as quad bike trails, segway courses, off-road buggies, powerturns, argocats or “blind” landrover driving. Or if that isn’t challenging enough we can even have vehicles which turn left when you steer right!

For more sedate, but none the less enthralling, days out we can arrange country pursuit days including clay pigeon shooting (or laser-clays which have less impact on the environment), fly-fishing coaching, falconry and duck-herding.

falconry and duck-herdingWhatever your choice of outdoor team activity, LVS can provide a solution to suit your team and your budget. We will also ensure it is relevant to your event and that whilst delegates are there to have fun, they will also learn important messages about their colleagues which can be translated back into the workplace.