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Team Building

Team Building
Team building activities as part of a conference agenda or as a stand-alone event are an important way of encouraging interaction between your colleagues and helps them understand each other and different ways of approaching tasks.

When it comes to making difficult decisions in the workplace, having shared the experience of navigating through a (reality) snake-infested jungle together will them help get to the right solution.

Outdoor Team ActivitiesOutdoor Team Activities

These can take the form of team challenges such as building a siege engine from scrap materials, moving a drum of highly toxic waste without any of the team coming into contact with it or herding blind-folded colleagues into a pen without using words. All are fun but equally carry learning messages for improved communication.

Indoor Team ActivitiesIndoor Team Activities

Indoor team activities are multi-faceted and can range from building self-propelled vehicles from everyday articles, constructing a sturdy bridge from materials with little intrinsic strength or painting a masterpiece one square at a time.

Evening Activities

Rather than just have evening dinner, why not get your delegates involved in a pub quiz night or let them compete in adaptations from popular TV games? Alternatively, a Night at the Races with fun race videos can really bring the evening to life.


Start your conference with a drumming sessionStart your conference with a drumming session or have your people create a musical masterpiece using random objects – a great way to get overt the after-lunch malaise.


Whether you’re planning your Christmas party or your company anniversary celebration dinner we at LVS can assist all the way with recommending the venue, selecting the caterer, organising the lighting and AV, bringing in the entertainment as well as transferring your guests between the venue and hotels